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Robberies affecting NYC's gay nightlife scene illuminated by grieving mom: This has gone on too long

"People have been hurt. People feel scared and afraid," Linda Clary said.

A grieving mother’s fight to find answers about the death of her son has helped to shed light on a suspected rash of druggings and robberies affecting New York City’s gay nightlife scene.

Linda Clary’s 33-year-old son, John Umberger, was found dead in June after he was last seen walking out of a midtown Manhattan bar with two strangers. Umberger, who was visiting for work from Washington D.C., was out earlier with his friends, but was at the bar alone.

“It’s the worst phone call that any mother can ever get and ever want to get,” Clary told ABC News. “It’s the greatest pain and anguish of anything."

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