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Alvin Bragg silent as gang of killers preys on gay men, leaving 2 dead and a dozen robbed

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Political consultant John Umberger was found robbed and murdered after a night out while visiting Manhattan on a work trip in May.

A gang that preys on gay men at Hell’s Kitchen nightclubs is suspected of killing at least two victims and of drugging and robbing more than a dozen other men — but Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office is impeding the investigation, law enforcement sources say.

An NYPD homicide investigation into the serial killings has expanded to include robberies with the unexplained deaths of two well-heeled young men, who were attacked under nearly identical circumstances five weeks and two blocks apart last spring.

Their phones were missing when their bodies were found, and their bank accounts had been emptied of tens of thousands of dollars. Each victim was last seen with three unidentified men in the hours before they died.

Five months later, New Yorkers still have not been warned that the predatory gang is on the loose.

But the mother of one victim has decided to break her silence to protect other young men from suffering the same fate as her son, John Umberger, 33, a Washington, DC, political consultant who disappeared after a night out in May while visiting New York for work.

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